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Jean Paul Gaultier - Product launch

Jean Paul Gaultier

Product launch

The objective we set out to achieve was a resounding success: orchestrating an exceptional launch event for Jean Paul Gaultier's new perfume, specifically tailored for their top duty-free sales team hailing from around the world.

The choice of Greece as the destination was meticulously made, a decision that seamlessly melded the essence of Ancient Greek aesthetics with the yet-to-be-revealed concept of the perfume (details of which remain confidential until the official launch). The Artemis Estate, renowned for its architectural homage to Ancient Greece, became the perfect stage for this unveiling.

At the heart of our concept was the harmonious blending of the ancient with the contemporary. Our team meticulously adorned the service staff in the graceful attire of Ancient Greek tunics and sandals, ushering guests into an immersive experience that bridged time and culture.

The pinnacle of the launch was the momentous unveiling of the perfume's identity. In a spectacular display, a flaming logo emerged before the estate's waterfalls by the pool, creating a dramatic yet mesmerizing visual that left an indelible imprint on all attendees.

Adding an interactive layer to the event, we ingeniously provided each guest with the components of a cocktail inspired by the perfume's aromatic profile, accompanied by step-by-step instructions. This personal touch allowed guests to craft their own customized cocktails, thereby forging an intimate connection between the perfume's essence and their own senses.

Moreover, the eve prior to the launch offered a charming contrast with a 1920s-inspired character. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Acropolis terrace at the hotel, a Jazz band serenaded the cocktail reception, infusing the evening with a nostalgic ambiance. The unexpected delight of the night came in the form of casino tables, elegantly arranged around the terrace, offering guests a chance to engage in playful "gambling" using specially designed custom chips.

In accomplishing this goal, we not only presented Jean Paul Gaultier's perfume in a remarkable light but also crafted an experience that seamlessly wove together ancient and contemporary elements, evoking emotions and memories that will undoubtedly linger until the official launch and beyond.

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