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Sarakakis Group of Companies - Fostering Values Through Interactive Fun at Ellinikon Experience Park

Sarakakis Group of Companies

Fostering Values Through Interactive Fun at Ellinikon Experience Park

Sarakakis Group of Companies recognized the importance of not only promoting its core values but doing so in a way that was engaging, entertaining, and highly interactive. EY ZHN Greece designed a custom-made activity that unfolded at the Ellinikon Experience Park, artfully blending indoor and outdoor games, each tailored to test distinct mental and physical skills, all aligned with the company's core values.

The activity was structured to encourage teamwork and interaction among participants. The group was divided into smaller teams, fostering collaboration and communication, ensuring that employees from different departments engaged with each other in a meaningful way.

Each game was meticulously crafted to resonate with a specific company value. Participants navigated challenges that honed their skills, both individually and collectively, with each game serving as a unique lens through which to explore and embrace the company's principles.

A distinctive aspect of the activity was its closing ceremony. Participants were awarded gears after successfully completing each game, symbolizing their growth and contributions to the company's values. The grand finale involved the assembly of these gears in the correct order. As the gears interlocked, a powerful message materialized before their eyes: "Our New Way of Working."

This closing moment not only symbolized the collective strength and alignment of the company's values but also marked a significant transition towards a future defined by these principles. Sarakakis Group of Companies had not just promoted its values; it had imprinted them on the hearts and minds of its employees, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that went beyond mere corporate activities.

EZGReece DMC, is always happy to plan everything from A to Ω (Z) with a keen eye for details:

  • 100 pax
  • Activity design and implementation
  • Venue management

We had the pleasure of co-organizing a team building activity specifically designed to introduce the new competencies (way of working) of Saracakis Group of Companies. It was an incredible experience that left a lasting impact on our management staff. From the very beginning, it was evident that EY ZHN Greece had put a lot of thought and effort into creating a dynamic and engaging program. The activities were carefully crafted to foster team collaboration and highlight the core competencies that the Saracakis Group of Companies wanted to emphasize. What impressed us the most was the seamless integration of our company's values and goals into the team building activities. This personalized approach made the activities not only fun but also highly relevant and impactful. As a result of this team building activity, our team grew closer and developed a deeper understanding of the competencies necessary to excel in our roles. We would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation, professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver a tailored experience in such an impressive way. Thank you, EZGReece DMC, for the unforgettable experience!


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