Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

A new approach to "Team Bonding Experience" from EZGReece DMC

DMC Greece

This new, virtual, Team Bonding Experience from EZGReece DMC consists of a variety of daily activities that offer participants the opportunity to co-operate, interact, bond, play, evolve and get healthy as a team.

Using smart riddles with numeric answers the participants will be able to find the right location for each of the 32 gears! The content of the riddles can either be fun (provided by us), or custom based (in cooperation with you).

While on a fair play, employees as members of a team will have to complete fun challenges and will earn points in a competition that can last from 1 to 30 days, with 10 or up to thousands participants. Winners are determined based on the trivia leaderboard, the number of completed challenges and the creativity applied on their media content. Participants are able to check their score in a specially designed web platform while the game is facilitated and managed by our Game Master. All photos and video content is shared on a private and secure social media board, within the web site! This allows them to feel part of the team even when they are not in the same room or building, and get to keep all the images and movies for posterity, once the event is concluded. 

The interesting part is that this Team Activity is handled remotely through our web platform and communicated via participants' emails. Participants do not need to be at the same space, they can play from any location or while they travel the world! They can use their laptop, tablet or smartphone to login on the web platform and complete the challenges while monitoring their score progress and ranking. And, as in every game, there shall be a winning team with the appropriate celebration!

This activity is ideal for remotely working staff and corporations that want to focus on their corporate id & culture, that need to invest in their human asset keeping them active, happy and bonded. An easy way to connect your employees, who work remotely or in different cities, even countries! Companies everywhere are discovering the benefits of engaging their employees in activities in order to become happier, healthier, and more energetic at work.  

TIP: This Team Bonding Experience can be customizable and we are happy to include company-specific branding, trivia, and challenges.


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